Our Services

We provide a total solution for your project.

Recording & Mixing Studio

We run a professional studio for recording, mixing & mastering. We do music, pre & post productions, Radio & TV broadcasting projects, audio books and serve Internet media. We optimize our recordings, mixes and masters to fit the clients needs

Music Production

Our biggest aim is recording & producing high quality music and sound. We are not limited to certain music styles. However recording real musicians and instruments is one of our specialties.  Great songs need excellent audio engineering and producing skills! Quality comes first! We´ll make your songs and productions last for decades to come.


We offer professional mastering of your audio and master for your needs. We offer both  conventional Peak Meter mastering and Loudness Level mastering according to the new high quality EBU R128 standard. We master  music; singles, digital albums (iTunes, Spotify, WIMP etc) as well as for physical CDs, Vinyl, DDP, Red Book standard, audio books. We also master audio for Radio & TV Broadcast and Internet streaming. 

Pre & Post Productions 

  • Project & Audio editing
  • Audio files clean up, adjustments and corrections
  • Time aligning of vocals, instruments, rhythmic instruments etc
  • Intonation rescue - Natural sounding tunings and pitch corrections 
  • Audio file conversions like WAV, AIFF, BWAV, SDII etc.
  • EBU R128 standard optimization 
  • META data coding of audio files

Audio Engineering

  • Analog & Digital Multitrack Recordings 
  • ITB Mixing "Inside The Box" & OTB "Outside The Box" - Analog Mixing desk
  • Online Mixing & Mastering

On-Location Services

Besides our In House services we offer On-Location audio-, music-, studio-, Live Radio & TV broadcast engineering. We cooperate with broadcasting companies like Sveriges Radio, SMT Radio, Produktionsbolaget Munck, Baluba, Endemol, Eurosport.

  • Recording: On-Location & Live Recordings 
  • Touring:  LIVE FOH & Monitor sound engineering
  • Broadcast: LIVE Radio & TV Broadcast Engineering
  • Radio & TV pre & post production services
  • Consultations

Consulting Services

When in need of advice within audio gear investments, studio constructions, project recording management, Radio & TV broadcast projecting.

  • Reseller of studio equipment
  • Audio gear consultations
  • Studio construction consultations

Coaching & Training Services

Let us lead you through the process or teach you what you want to know within studio-, music-, Radio & TV broadcast engineering, 

  • Production & session coaching 
  • Artist & musician coaching
  • Educational Services
  • Audio Workshops
  • Gear Shootouts

Record & Publishing Label

  • Record & Music Publishing Label
  • A&R
  • Artists
  • Producers
  • Songwriters
  • Melodifestivalen

Labeled Artists

Ragdoll labeled artists are within music genres like rock, pop, country, bluegrass, jazz, Swedish folk music, roots. 

Current list: 

Business Connections

  • Artists, musicians, songwriters, engineers, producers and others in the music business.
  • Radio & TV journalists, -producers, -hosts and voice talents. 
  • TV and film photographers, directors, hosts and others....and more...

We work hard for achieving the best results...

The extreme scenario.. :)

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